Parks & Recreation Committee

Parks & Recreation Committee

Buena Vista Parks & Recreation is a volunteer committee who assist with culture and recreation programs in the community.  Parks & Rec members also help to plan and develop park space in our area.  Through funding from lotteries, the Parks & Rec committee assists with programs  such as the South Shore Ball Association, the Stinger Volleyball Club, and the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre.  The Parks & Rec committee fundraises in order to provide free programs to the community.  These include the much anticipated community picnic, the winter carnival, and the annual bus trip to Moose Jaw.  The Parks & Rec committee holds meetings on the first Tuesday of every month, 7:00 pm, at the Village Office.

Parks & Rec Members

Head: Donna Hall

Mark Percy

Jan Franklin

Peg Frey

Jeff Jacobs

Nancy Koszman

Gary McLennan

Alex Neuls

Sharon Mittermayr

Ruebi Erfle

Stephanie Caswell (Rec Director)

Contact Information:

Donna Hall
(306) 729-4220

For information on fitness, dance etc and any other recreation projects with Regina Beach click here