Development and Building Permits

Building permits are required for all new construction, temporary buildings and for alterations to existing construction. You should always review your building requirements with Village staff before commencing a project. The cost of building permits depends on the nature and scope of the work being done.

Some examples of when a building permit is required:

  • Construction of a new building
  • Addition to existing building
  • Addition of attached garages
  • Building a new secondary suite
  • Upgrading an existing building or changing its use
  • Creating new rooms or spaces within existing building
  • Finishing a basement
  • Demolishing a building or part of a building
  • Building a deck
  • Construction of a swimming pool
  • Adding an accessory building, equipment room, shed, or detached garage over 10m2
  • Building a retaining wall over 1.2 meters in height
  • Restoration, maintenance or repair of building’s structural components and systems

These forms are part of the Development and Building permit application process. All forms on this page are downloadable only, please print off, complete and bring to the office.

To apply for a development permit please complete the application for development form and bring to the office along with a payment of $100

To apply for a demolition permit please complete this form and bring to the office along with a payment of $100 plus a cheque for $2,000 which is a returnable deposit.  

Application to move or demolish a home

To move a home on or off your lot please complete the following forms

Application to move a home on/off 

Once your development permit has been approved, please complete all necessary building application forms and bring to the office.  Payment is due on approval by Professional Building Inspectors Inc. This leaflet will give you a brief overview of the company.  PBI leaflet April 2015.

The following link will take you to Professional Building Inspectors website, it includes links to all the necessary forms you may need to apply for a building permit.

If you wish to cancel you building permit please complete this form and forward to the office as soon as possible Cancelled Permit Form (to be completed by the property owner)

Do you need to hire a professional Designer?  This question answered here!

For commercial building projects follow the link below

Do you need a Geotech report to support your application?  Check the map to see if your home is in an areas of movement.

Map of slump area

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